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The Real Estate Agent’s Job (Part One)

Before signing a listing agreement to sell your property, the real estate agent must provide you with a Market Analysis to make sure your property is priced correctly. The price that the agent recommends should be based upon other like kind property that has sold recently in your area taking into consideration the current property condition and other factors.. The Market Analysis should also provide information on other like kind property that is currently for sale so you understand the competition you will be facing for real estate prospects. There are two price points to consider: retail and wholesale. Most often, you want to price your property at retail and market to the end user of real estate. Wholesale pricing is for quick sales or to attract investors wanting to resale or turn the property after they have made some improvements to it. The price point you select depends on the condition of your property as well as the market demand for your property. The listing agent should be able to explain both price points and help you decide how to get the most money for your property.