Selling Real Estate?

Our marketing plan is very extensive and the agency invests a significant amount of time and money into our exclusive agency listings. We utilize multiple listing sites, You-tube, Facebook, and local newspapers to make sure the property is visible to all potential buyers. Our advertisements on the internet include professional photography and/or video presentations. We will be involved with every showing and will not allow a showing without one of our agents being present.

We work with other realtors across Texas and the listing agreement includes compensation for other realtors as an incentive for them to bring us their clients. Our agency fee is 3% of the selling price. If the buyer is represented by a real estate agent, there will be an additional 3% commission for the buyer's agent. Our agency does not participate in intermediary* positions. We also provide quarterly reports on any activity. Reports include suggestions based upon number of internet hits and feedback we are getting from prospect showings.

A real estate agency can represent the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction only in an Intermediary Status according to the Texas Real Estate Commission. The real estate agency must have approval in writing from both parties. The real estate broker must assign different licensed sales agents to the buyer and seller to assist in the transaction and negotiations.

Texas law requires all real estate licensees to give the following (Information About Brokerage Services) to prospective buyers, tenants, sellers, and landlords upon first substantive dialogue relating to specific real property.
(Information About Brokerage Services PDF)

All real estate agents are regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission.
(Consumer Protection Notice PDF)

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